We advocate for and protect the rights of people who ride bicycles. We help individuals, non-profit organizations, and the bicycle industry with legal issues they face, such as:

  • Bicycle Crashes
  • Traffic Tickets
  • Insurance Issues
  • Rider Harassment
  • Bicycle Theft

If you have legal questions relating to any of these we would be happy to help you.

Bicycle Safety Tips

  • Be predictable. Act as the driver of a vehicle when on the road and as pedestrian when on the sidewalk.
  • Control the lane unless wide enough to share and avoid the door zone regardless of bike lane and never ride against traffic.
  • Use the rightmost lane in your direction of travel and think ahead.
  • Signal intentions and be confident, assertive and courteous.
  • At night have a minimum of a white light in front and a red reflector on back.

What to do in case of an accident

  1. Obtain medical treatment if needed.
  2. Leave your bike in place and call the Police.
  3. Obtain names and numbers of witnesses.
  4. Get the other persons name, insurance company, license plate number, address, phone and email.
  5. Make certain that the responding police officer takes your statement and completes a police report.
  6. Take photographs and/or video of the scene.
  7. Do not minimize your injuries or the extent of damage to your bike.
  8. Do not talk to or settle with an insurance company before consulting an attorney who specializes in bicycle law.