What does it cost? A lot of people are afraid to ask so we thought we’d answer that question right here on our website. Depending on the case, we give our clients the option of paying by the hour, by flat fee, or by contingency. Our hourly rates are determined annually based on the market, and vary depending on the attorney working on the case. A flat fee will be a set amount determined at the beginning of the representation by the attorney and the client. The most frequent fee arrangement we use is contingency, meaning that our fee is based on a percentage of what is recovered for the client. With a contingent fee, the client has minimal out-of-pocket expenses and typically the attorney is not paid until the conclusion of the client’s case. We like contingency fees because the client’s and attorney’s interests are aligned to maximize recovery. Ultimately, we want our fees to be fair and transparent to our clients, and are happy to discuss our fees and billing procedures in further detail.