We started Barden & Barden in 2016 to help people who are at a power disadvantage against large corporations, insurance companies, and governments. We believe strongly in the legal system’s ability to protect rights, compensate victims, and achieve justice. Whether a client has been injured or improperly charged with a crime, we use the legal system to bring fairness and justice to those we help.

Jed W. Barden

Attorney Jed W. Barden has over a decade of legal experience working in the courts and in private practice. He focuses on quality work and client satisfaction, and believes that good communication with clients is essential to good representation. Prior to founding Barden & Barden, Jed worked in private practice in Spokane, Tri-Cities, and Seattle. Jed also worked as a law clerk at the Lane County Circuit Court in Eugene and the Washington State Supreme Court in Olympia. He is a graduate of Gonzaga University and the University of Oregon School of Law.

Heather C. Barden

Attorney and R.N. Heather C. Barden was a nurse for eleven years before she began her second career as a lawyer. Her bedside manner developed as a nurse gives her the unique ability to connect with clients. Heather’s medical background makes her highly proficient and knowledgeable in medical record and injury analysis. She also excels at both civil and criminal trial work. In October 2015, Heather founded Smith Law Firm which merged with Barden & Barden in 2016. Prior to founding Smith Law Firm, Heather was a law clerk at the Morley Law Firm in Grand Forks where she worked on civil defense matters. She graduated from Kaplan University and the University of North Dakota School of Law.